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Here are some photos of various equipment that we have towed or assisted loading/unloading. As you can see All County provides more than just towing and roadside assistance in Vancouver, WA. So if you need help loading, unloading or securing equipment, motorcycles, sheds or other heavy items give us a call and we will be there to help. We have a 100% damage free reputation and we will take every step needed to ensure that whatever it is we are doing is done right the first time. We hope you like the photos. Drive Safe and Enjoy the Road.

The storage container that was in the ditch had been used by some people that previous evening to show off a vertical climb in some sort of custom 4×4. There were tire tracks going up the side of it as well as a few cracks in the fiberglass. Although we enjoy custom 4 wheel drives and going wheeling off-road we were not happy to see that someone had used a local church’s storage container.

The MRI unit we had helped load onto a trailer was replaced by a newer and better unit for the clinic next to Legacy Emmanuel Hospital in Vancouver, WA. The old MRI was headed to California to be refurbished and resold to a hospital that may not be able to afford a brand new MRI unit. This was a time consuming job getting it up from the lower level to the ground level of the clinic. Once it was on ground level we had to lay sheets of plywood down so that it would not crack the tile. Once outside it was carefully winched onto the flatbed, secured and driven to the awaiting tractor trailer.