Fuel Delivery in Vancouver WA: Run out of gas or diesel? Don’t worry, All County can help. Our fuel delivery service charge includes 2 gallons of gas or diesel and is quite affordable. Our location in Vancouver, WA near Padden Parkway and SR 503 allows us to get to your location quickly so you do not have to wait long for help to arrive. At All County Auto Towing we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for fuel delivery services as well as towing and roadside assistance. Coolant, oil and other lubricants or fluids can be brought out as well when needed, just let us know what you need.

How We Are Different: Instead of carrying only 2 gallons of fuel, we carry 5 gallons of gas and diesel. If you happen to be in a large truck or need more than 5 gallons we can bring you up to 20 gallons of gas or diesel. After the 2 gallons included with the service the charge per gallon is the same price per gallon you would normally pay at the pump.

Need Something Special? We can also accommodate vehicles that require premium fuel, just let us know when you call. If your vehicle has run completely dry and is still having trouble starting after adding fuel we also carry starting fluid for gas and diesel engines. In the chance that neither work we can then tow your vehicle to a destination of your choice. If your vehicle is towed we will not charge for the fuel delivery service, only for the tow and the price of the fuel we added to your vehicle. Unexpected breakdowns can be costly so we will do what we can to help keep the cost down while still providing the best service possible. As always, Drive Safe and Enjoy the Road.