Stuck in the Mud or Slide off the Road? No need to worry, All County Auto Towing in Vancouver Washington has you covered. Just give us a call and we will be right out to lend a helping hand. One of the only tow companies in Vancouver, WA. that offers winching and recovery services without damaging your vehicle during the process. Our winching and recovery services are safe, effective, time efficient and best of all, affordable. So when you are in need, give us a call and we will come to your rescue. Below you will find additional information about our winching and recovery services and our equipment.

-Although All County specializes in Flatbed Towing we use a Twin Line Wrecker for some Winching and Recovery Tows. With a shorter overall height than a Flatbed Tow Truck the Wrecker can access Low-Clearance Parking Garages. The Wheel-Lift and Dollie combination on our Wrecker is also great for vehicles that will not shift into neutral or if all brakes are locked. All Wheel Drive vehicles can be towed as well with the Wheel-Lift when Dollies are used, otherwise a flatbed would be required. Wreckers are also known as “Hook-Trucks”, “Wheel-Lifts” and of course “Tow Trucks”.

-Not only are Wreckers an excellent truck for Winching, Recovery and Towing they are very useful for a variety of other jobs. Lifting heavy equipment, loading and unloading trailers are just a couple of the many uses for a Wrecker outside of Towing and Recovery.

To ensure that our customers receive the highest quality of service available, All County utilizes the latest winching and recovery equipment, accessories and practices. Staying up-to-date in this industry helps us to provide you with safe, efficient and effective towing & roadside assistance at very affordable prices. So if you ever find yourself needing to be pulled out of a ditch or a quick tow to the nearest shop, give All County Auto Towing a call at (360)909-3825 and help will arrive shortly.

Please Drive Safe and Enjoy the Road. Thank You.