Locked out of your car? Left your keys in the ignition? We can help you out and unlock your car. At All County we utilize the latest door unlock tools and procedures that not only prevent damage to your vehicle, but significantly reduce the service time. These advantages allow us to offer automotive door unlock services for a flat rate of only $40.00-$50.00 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There are NO additional fees that you may have paid before when using a mobile locksmith. As with all of our towing and roadside services we offer immediate response times in Vancouver Washington and outlying areas.

Why choose All County For Your Lockout and Unlock Needs? At all County we have established an excellent reputation for offering the best automotive unlock service in town at the best rates. The proper use of the latest tools has allowed us to continue providing these locksmith services with a 100% damage free record. The use of the correct tools combined with updated procedures has also helped us to have a 100% satisfaction record by quickly and safely unlocking every vehicle we have been called for. The automotive industry continually makes it harder to break into vehicles which is good. This actually helps us because not everyone has the finesse it takes to unlock newer vehicles even with the latest tools. Unfortunately “Slim Jims” are still used by some companies who don’t want to “get with the program” which can cause damage to late model vehicles, new vehicles and even older vehicles. Even though we are primarily a tow company unlocking car doors is something we do on a regular basis. Many tow companies also charge much less than a locksmith will charge. The rates listed above are good 24/7 and half the price as a traditional locksmith will charge.

Immediate 24hr Emergency Service: All County is available 24/7 for automotive unlock and lockout services. We are located near NE 78th Street, Padden Parkway and SR-503 which allows us to get to your location anywhere in Vancouver within 30 minutes of calling. Other areas surrounding Vancouver are serviced as well like Battle Ground, Camas, Hockinson and Ridgefield all at affordable rates and the same quality of service.

Thank You, Please Drive Safe and Enjoy the Road.