All County Auto Towing – Flatbed Towing Services

Need a Flatbed Tow Truck in Vancouver WA? All County Auto Towing can help with our damage free flatbed towing services. A flatbed tow truck is a great choice for all wheel drive vehicles, high-end sports cars, exotic vehicles and more. On a regular basis we utilize a flatbed tow truck for accidents where vehicles have been so damaged they will are not able to be towed with a conventional tow truck. If you have some sort of equipment to be moved, unloaded off of a trailer or loaded onto one a flatbed tow truck will come in handy there as well. Although a wrecker is the top choice for recovering vehicles out of ditches, a flatbed tow truck can do the job with ease as well. There are a few names for flatbed tow truck, rollback tow truck and slide back tow truck are common ones. No matter which name you use when requesting a tow, the right truck will show up.

At All County Auto Towing we utilize our flatbed tow trucks on a daily basis as well as our service truck and our wrecker. Our towing company was started with a flatbed tow truck and it is still in service as Truck #01. There are a number of situations where a flatbed tow truck cannot be used even if the vehicle’s owners manual recommends it. If the vehicle will not shift out of park it will be best to have it towed with a wheel lift. If that vehicle is all wheel drive, dollies will need to be used as well. In some cases, if a flatbed tow truck is your only option it can be done with the use of skates. If you have an operator show up and is wanting to drag your vehicle onto his flatbed tow truck without using skates that operator should be sent away and a company who can do the job safely without risking damage to your vehicle called. The latest tools, equipment and procedures are utilized in order to provide time efficient, safe and very effective services. This, coupled by the use of the right tow truck for the job is why we are able to get some jobs done when others can not.

Over the years All County Auto Towing has established an excellent reputation for providing some of the best towing services in town. We treat every customer like they are our friend and do everything possible in order to provide an excellent experience when they are already having a bad day when a vehicle breaks down. When we hired our first employee and made the jump from owner operated company to multiple trucks and drivers we interviewed extensively to find the very best fit. Not just anyone was going to ensure that All County’s reputation would continue for providing the best service in Vancouver WA and surrounding areas. Now we are looking at adding a second flatbed tow truck and hiring another operator which will not be easy but once we have another great driver our customers will appreciate it.

So when you are in need of a flatbed tow truck, wrecker or our dedicated roadside service truck just give us a call and one of our highly skilled and friendly operators will be right out to lend a helping hand. Thank you for reading. Please, drive safe and enjoy the road.

Flatbed Tow Trucks Help in Many Ways

Super Unimog
Flatbed Towing for Specialty Vehicles

Flatbed Tow Trucks for AWD & 4x4's
Flatbeds are Great for AWD Vehicles like this Audi TT

Custom Camaro Nearly Finished
Many Custom Cars Utilize Flatbeds Throughout their Build

Damaged Vehicle Towing
Many Damaged Vehicles Require a Flatbed Tow Truck