All County Auto Towing – Equipment Towing Services

What types of Equipment can we Tow or Transport? At All County Auto Towing in Vancouver Washington we tow and transport all sorts of items, not just cars, trucks, vans and SUV’s. From expensive and precision machinery such as MRI’s and large Generators to Lathes and Milling machines to Fork Lifts and small Tractors we can safely tow a wide array of items. Although we are not a catering company we do cater to your needs.

What Equipment do we Utilize? Towing and transporting of equipment is performed by skilled operators in rollback tow trucks. Currently each of our flatbed tow trucks, also called rollbacks, are capable of carrying up to 9,500 lbs on their decks. This fall we will be adding more equipment to our fleet that will have a larger capacity for weight, up to 10,000 to 14,000 lbs on deck as well as low load angles.

Equipment Loading and Offloading Assistance? For the “Do-it-Yourself” guys and gals out there who bring a flatbed trailer or pickup out to load transport their own equipment we do provide assistance with loading and offloading. We utilize a light duty tow truck with an adjustable boom and dual 8,000 lb winches for lifting of items to be loaded onto trailers or flatbed trucks where tilting the beds and/or dragging the items is not an option.

Special Requests? Absolutely, as mentioned above we will cater to you and your equipment’s needs. Whether you need a grease/oil/dirt free bed for your equipment to be on during transport or your looking for no metal-to-metal contact on your equipment we can accommodate. Unfortunately we don’t have any covered/enclosed trucks to keep the elements away, for now.

Shipping Containers or Semi-Trailers?  Yes, we regularly provide assistance for those who need to get vehicles into or out of shipping containers or semi-truck trailers. Our company does not transport shipping containers at this point in time but we work closely with companies that do.

Towing Services for Equipment of All Types

  • Construction Equipment
  • Industrial Tools & Equipment
  • Farm Equipment & Small Tractors
  • Medical Equipment & Supplies
  • Automotive Equipment
  • Fork Lifts & Small Tractors
  • Large Tool Boxes

Towing Services for Equipment

Medical Equipment Towing Service
MRI unit from Legacy in Vancouver Washington being transferred to a semi trailer for the long haul

Farm Equipment Towing
Tractors For International Harvester In Portland

Towing a 4-post automotive lift
Troy’s Towing helping with a 4-Post Auto Lift

Towing for Equipment of all Types
Towing for Trailers and Specialty Equipment by Appointment

Need Help Loading Equipment or Heavy Items
Load & Offload Assistance also Provided by All County Auto Towing in Vancouver, WA.